Villains – much more interesting

Who’s your favourite hero? Why? Mine possess the qualities I aspire to have: Bruce Wayne, James Bond, Ripley, Rocky, Wolverine and Indiana Jones are focused, courageous, tenacious, audacious (and other words ending in ‘acious’). They can easily do the things which I find difficult. Twisted and Evil However, much more interesting are my favourite villains: […]

Points of Articulation

The best toys have lots of possibilities. An expensive, amazingly detailed figurine of Iron Man which you can’t put into different poses is just a cool statue. A smaller, cheaper action figure with movable joints, however, can be put into lots of cool positions which makes it more fun. So which is best? You already […]

Imperfection Connection

Your communication needs to be interesting – and for that to happen, you need to be interesting. But you’re not particularly, are you? Well, if you put on your ‘game face’, that will certainly be true. Here a few things that I think can generate the magic ‘i’ factor. Unconventionality Surprises Flaws They all come […]

The Adventure of Supreme Confidence

On April 1st this year I gave a TEDx talk, which you can watch here. I learnt quite a lot from it, such as: Be ready for tech failures (see if you can spot what happens at 5:28 and how I react to it). Rehearsal really, really helps. It means that when things wrong you […]

Presentation Fails and How to Fix Them #19: Questions?

There are various ways to end a presentation badly, such as: running out of time just trailing off: “so… I think that’s… yeah, that’s, that’s it.” “So, does anyone have any questions?” I see a lot of presentations which finish with that last one, where the final slide says ‘Questions?’. What follows in my experience […]