Presentation Fails and How to Fix Them #18: Time Limit

Going over your time limit is unprofessional and annoys everyone; the audience, the next speaker, and whoever organised the whole thing. It may seem unimportant to you, but it could mean that your audience infers from you a sense of unreliability or arrogance. Either of which is a sure-fire way of sabotaging all your hard […]

Presentation Fails and How to Fix Them #17: Things Go Wrong

You have to give a presentation. You’re nervous; what if something unexpected happens? What will you do? Here’s the most important thing to remember: something unexpected will happen. The Problem Most people I work with are terrified of what might go wrong when they speak, and that if something does (and it probably will) that […]

Presentation Fails and How to Fix Them #16: Movement

Pretty straightforward, this one, so I’ll keep it short. Strap in, here we go: Moving around is a lot more interesting for your audience than standing still. Got that? Great. See you next week.   What? You want more? Oh, alright then. Quite Interesting If someone walks to the other side of the room when […]

Presentation Fails and How to Fix Them #15: Ditch the Tech

Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man) is a popular Marvel superhero; a genius who has created a flying suit of armour which elevates him to a physical demi-god status. However, while his Iron Man ‘suit’ enables him to dramatically save the world from threats such as alien invasion, it also fuels his arrogance. And of course, […]

Presentation Fails and How to Fix Them #14: Stock Photos

The ones I’m thinking of are ridiculous: beautiful people wearing suits, pulling comically unrealistic smiles while conducting simulated business situations. I like to mock them; here are some captions I like to use. Use these for yourself (I can make them up all day) or make up your own: She’s blackmailing him. This woman loathes […]