PechaKucha is a beautiful presentation format, dedicated to conciseness, creative ideas, images and stories. I run the Cambridge PechaKucha Night with Colin Ramsay of Little Dragon Films. Our eighth event will be on Tuesday June 20th. As always, it’ll start at 7:30pm at the rather lovely Espresso Library.

If you’d like to speak at one of our events, then let me know. Right now is probably better than in three months’ time. And don’t give me that ‘I don’t know what I would talk about’. Everyone has something to talk about. Oh yes they do. Even you.

Visit the PechaKucha Cambridge page or sign up at our Facebook page (it’s free but we like to see who’s coming) where you’ll find more info and pictures of beautiful ideas presented in a gorgeous venue to an audience of average attractiveness.

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