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Last Minute Panic

Schoolboy Error My son is 9. Each morning before school, we usually have to ask him many times to get dressed, as he doesn’t see the urgency until the last minute, resulting in rushing and panic. And we get annoyed. Why doesn’t he just get dressed and brush his teeth when we ask him to? […]

Scared Again? Good.

I give talks to large groups of people on presentations and pitching. Just me and some slides. I’m pleased to say that it usually goes pretty well (I’m my own worst critic so I think that keeps my perspective and ego in check).  The audience remains engaged throughout and occasionally I say something amusing. All […]

Pause for Effect

Pauses can be powerful in your communication. Here are a couple for you to try out: 1.) Dramatic You’re delivering your presentation; you’ve arrived at a particularly important point which would benefit from some emphasis and gravitas. At this stage, speaking more loudly and gesticulating could increase the material’s significance to your audience. Far more effective, […]

Wanted: Introverted Nerd

I recently gave a talk on pitching at a software development conference, where I focused on delivery and being human. In the Q&A, someone asked, “What if you’re not animated like you, Jon?” My answer was that you can be quiet and even awkward when pitching as long as you’re authentic and honest – and […]

Villains – much more interesting

Who’s your favourite hero? Why? Mine possess the qualities I aspire to have: Bruce Wayne, James Bond, Ripley, Rocky, Wolverine and Indiana Jones are focused, courageous, tenacious, audacious (and other words ending in ‘acious’). They can easily do the things which I find difficult. Twisted and Evil However, much more interesting are my favourite villains: […]