1:1 Sessions

These sessions are an easy way to raise your speaking confidence. Each one-hour session costs £120 (or £90 if you’re self-employed).

Here’s a 3×1-hour programme that a lot of my 1:1 clients enjoy and get a real benefit from:

Session 1

  • Identifying the characteristics of your speaking persona
  • The story of you and your company: motivation and values
  • Identify the key elements of your introduction
  • Writing the first draft of any talk

Homework: write and rehearse an introduction outline

Session 2

  • Run-through of introduction
  • Making a ‘boring’ subject interesting
  • Speaking fluidly without rambling
  • Delivery techniques: first impression, body language, improvisation

Homework: edit/rework and rehearse the introduction

Session 3

  • Techniques for a positive and successful mindset
  • How to handle nerves
  • Self-acceptance
  • Speaking in various scenarios: conferences, networking, panels

If that looks good to you, why not arrange a video call? We can chat, make sure we’re a good fit, and then if you’d like to proceed you can book your sessions from my calendar (no back-and-forth emails over dates, you just choose at your leisure).

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