My brothers and I all speak well. Pip is an actor, Chris is a risk analyst, and I coach people in communication skills.

Work It

The fact that we all enjoy speaking isn’t due to a gift for it, but simply a desire to perform. We put in the work and now we’re good at it. Clever us.

I put hundreds of hours of work into the craft of writing and performing stand-up comedy, and now I’m lucky enough to help people apply what I learnt to the art and craft of presentations. Showing people my shortcuts to giving happy presentations is extremely gratifying, and I’m grateful to my younger self for sticking at the game for so long – while I didn’t become the star I hoped to, every day I’m able to capitalise on the skills I learnt to benefit others and help them develop their own qualities.


Whatever you deem ‘success’ to be, I think that the achievers in any given field would attribute most of it to hard work. Luck will certainly have played its part, but it was the hard work that created the maximum benefit from those lucky chances.

“You have to create your own luck. You have to be aware of the opportunities around you and take advantage of them” – Bruce Lee

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