Games Developers

Jon Torrens - Pixels Cutout HeadI’ve worked as a designer (and experienced the joy of crunch) at companies including Sony, Criterion, and Argonaut, and now I help people pitch and present with confidence. I understand the culture of the games industry and I know what teams have to go through to deliver a great game. I consider myself mostly introverted, and I enjoy creating a rapport with games developers.

I understand that the extra effort in writing an effective pitch far outweighs the cost of not having a project; I can help you to get your ideas across every time at:

  • pitching game concepts
  • presentations
  • meetings
  • talking to the public

I use a method that simplifies the whole process of giving presentations and speaking; it makes you highly effective while also making everything easier to deliver. I am the Shinobi* of the speaking world, eliminating boring presentations and allowing true influencers to shine.

* although I look more like Agent 47, Kratos or Kane from Red Alert.

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