My Training

I will teach you how to:

  • write memorable, concise material that engages your audience
  • create simple, effective visuals that help not hinder
  • look credible, authentic and confident

Would you like every one of your team to be able to communicate with confidence, for presenting internally or at conferences? I’ll upgrade their skills with techniques from my stand-up comedy experience in a style that’s fun and interactive. My programme is 2 x one-day sessions of action-packed training, filled with practical techniques and plenty of speaking experience. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with them. I’ll even cover the awkward things that you’re not quite so keen to mention.


Need to nail that presentation? Perhaps you left your preparation to the last minute? I’ll help you deliver it all in a way that’s persuasive and easy to remember.

Lunch and Learn

Want a short taster? I’ll ask your team about their specific issues, give them a load of great advice for giving communicating in a way that is enjoyable and effective, and I’ll take questions to make sure I cover everything I can. Bring your lunch; eat, watch, and then ask questions with a mouth full of food. Simple, really.

PowerPoint Overhaul

Not strictly training, but it may help show the way I work. Email your PowerPoint to me at and I’ll spend 10 minutes thrashing it into shape. For free. I will be ruthless, but your presentation will come back to you a few days later looking concise and professional. You’re welcome.

Click the button below to give me a few details, then I’ll contact you so we can discuss precisely what you need.

I’d like some confidence, please