By reducing stress and fear, I make giving talks enjoyable.



I’m Jon Torrens; an introvert who teaches confident communication. I’m a coach, speaker and compere. 

Here’s a 2-minute video:

Self-acceptance, strategy, dedication. It's inspiring stuff.


You can book a session or find out more by calling me on 07799 628536 or 01353 666707, or email me at jon@jontorrens.co.uk.


Corporate / L & D

I help your company by reducing stress and fear and increasing confidence, for successful public speaking, presentations and meetings:

  1. Developing their skills to create diverse, confident evangelists for the company
  2. Speaking internally in front of groups and in meetings

Introverts or extraverts, they’ll all get a ton of learning and value, and you’ll have completed that vital task. All we need is six people, one day and a suitable room.


1:1 Coaching

Tackle your public speaking fears and learn how to create memorable, concise content that’s actually fun to deliver. Look credible and confident every time you speak.

Nice things my clients have said:

Karen Arnott – Web and Graphic Designer

I’d definitely go as far as saying Jon’s workshops are life changing…




Jack Griffin – World Art Manager, Criterion Games, Electronic Arts

Jon was an excellent coach and mentor, and his depth of experience in public speaking was clearly evident. His feedback was always precise and extremely useful, and I was able to put it into practice successfully in a presentation shortly after for visiting students. Jon’s attention to detail, positive approach, and light-hearted and approachable manner were very motivating and instilled confidence in myself and other members of the team.

James Cotton – CEO/FouRGB-200pxnder, Onespacemedia

If you want to improve your communications game – whether you want to get better at presenting, public speaking, networking or selling, Jon is your man. I have learned so much from Jon over the past couple of months and he has transformed my public speaking. An added bonus is that working with Jon doesn’t feel like work at all, in fact it’s a lot of fun. So if you have the opportunity to work with Jon, then I suggest that you do so, immediately.


David Priddle – Software Engineer, Red Gate Software

You can’t fault Jon; his unusual approach to tailor sessions to individual’s requirements makes you come away both satisfied and wanting more! The best public speaking and confidence coach I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Highly recommended.


Pete Ellis – Level Designer at Guerrilla Cambridge

Jon is a superb communication coach. His approach to teaching is fresh, exciting, interactive, and above all else, memorable.

I went to Jon to get help with confidence during presentations and public speaking, and this is exactly what he delivered. I have attended so many sessions that teach you what to put in your presentation, but none of how to act and deliver them. This is exactly what Jon taught us, effortlessly filling a gap in the market with his knowledge and expertise in public speaking and stand-up comedy.

Best of all, he got us to actively try out the techniques he taught, including how to deal with interruptions or setbacks. This experience in this session was invaluable and has given me extra confidence to deal with public speaking that I have already used since.

I highly recommend Jon as a Communication coach for anyone looking to improve their presentations skills, delivery and public speaking.


Chris Thorne – Gene Editing Community Specialist at Horizon Discovery

Jon whipped us all up into a presenting frenzy with his enthusiasm and ideas – I hope to apply everything I learned in the coming months.