Confidence is the magic ingredient that transforms your communication, your career and your life.

What’s more, your team can easily learn it. Learning is an adventure that should be beneficial and fun. Huge leaps in speaking confidence and ability are possible in just a few hours. I will help your team see their true ability, develop it and give them tools to continue their development after the session.

I offer the following modules, available as a talk or workshop, online or in-person, tailored to your team’s specific needs:

Confident Communication: effortless authenticity for every speaking situation.
Presentation Skills: engage your audience with easy, natural, conciseness. And no stress!
Next Level Speaking Skills: a bespoke masterclass programme on engaging your audience.
Powerful Pitching: secure that investment with the art of persuasion.
Trust and Motivation: connect with people for maximum influence.
Interviewer Skills: sort the wheat from the chaff and nab the right candidate.
Difficult Conversations: how to break bad news or deal with conflict.
How to Train People: make your training sessions fun and effective.
Networking Skills: make strong connections easily – and actually enjoy it!
How to MC Events: maintaining the flow with a friendly authority.
Hosting an Exhibition Stand: don’t just stand there with a bowl of business cards. Make connections!
Interviewee Skills: keep your cool and persuade them you’re the best.

Working with me, your team will learn techniques for Mindset, Content and Delivery:


  • self-acceptance
  • confidence approach
  • affirmations and self-talk
  • keeping your cool in any speaking situation
  • physical techniques for controlling your nerves


  • writing the first draft of any talk in ten minutes
  • creating simple, effective slide decks
  • use of stories
  • making a ‘boring’ subject interesting
  • the creation of an effortless, authentic persona


  • speaking fluidly without rambling
  • the ability to create a great first impression
  • the magic of spontaneity and humour
  • body langauge
  • adaptability

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