Confidence is the magic ingredient that transforms your communication, your career and your life.

The good news is that you can learn it.

Learning is an adventure which should be beneficial AND fun. Huge leaps in speaking confidence and ability await you!

Working with me you will learn:

  • practical lessons about writing, speaking and confidence, as used by stand-up comics, including:
    • writing the first draft of any talk in ten minutes.
    • speaking fluidly without rambling.
    • making a ‘boring’* subject interesting.
  • techniques for engaging with an audience and convincing them of your credibility.
    • the ability to create a great first impression.
    • the magic of improvisation for spontaneity and humour.
    • the creation of a unique, effortless, authentic persona.
  • the mindset needed to feel ‘ready’ in any speaking situation.
    • how you see yourself.
    • how you see the audience.
    • how to approach each specific talk.

Some clients only need one hour, some like four sessions in a month and others enjoy regular monthly sessions for a year.

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