Dear CEO,

How are you? I imagine you’d be pretty happy at the moment (although it’s difficult to tell). Just thought I’d write and let you know about a slight problem that you might be unaware of. OK, this is tricky. Here we go: well… you’re boring us when you speak. Sorry, you’re just so uninspiring. We want to feel good about our work and the company, and we look to you as the person to reassure us, to send us out of meetings raring to go, with our heads held high. You’ve learnt some bad habits. If I may, here are few tips:

Try to look as if you care

Is your heart still in this? If not, you’d better let someone else do all the talking. That would be a shame, but it would be infinitely preferable to the shameful appearances you make occasionally at meetings or in the corridor. Don’t be ‘that’ boss: beyond your workforce, often absent, and always ‘professional’ (soulless). It’s very uninspiring. Show us your energy and enthusiasm for the business. Why do you do this? What’s your motivation? Share your passion.

Tell us a story

The best communication has a story, and what better way to involve us in the spirit of what the company’s all about than with an exciting, funny, emotional account of a genuine challenge you’ve faced? How did you start? What menial, demoralising things did you do and what do you do now? Even the simple, everyday trials of family life are good, because they make you human and relatable. Encourage your teams to think creatively just like you did when you started. Share your goal for the company.

Show your dedication

Demonstrate that you put in the work every day, that you get your hands dirty. What are the aspects of your work that you really enjoy? (It could be something as simple as a customer smiling or receiving a ‘thank you’ from a business colleague.) Remember, working 12-hour days doesn’t prove your dedication, just your poor time management. Share your experience, your methods, your strategy for dealing with each day, both physically and mentally. Share your skills.


Try to forget the usual, uninspiring way of communicating. Go back to basics, and remember how you started; tell a story that shows that passion and drive, to inspire your team to dedicate themselves to doing the best job possible.



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