I teach confident communication.

I work with many different companies (Microsoft, Foster+ Partners, Redgate, Raspberry Pi, Creative Assembly) and I think they enjoy my training so much because:

  • I’m an introvert*
  • I make it fun.

That second one is one I’m very proud of. Training/learning/development can be a chore; I believe it shouldn’t ever be that way.

My background: I was a low-scorer academically. I studied art and design, then graphic design, got a job as a video game level designer, fell in love with performing stand-up comedy, became a full-time stand-up, didn’t become a star so gave it up, went back to games and started a family.

While working at Sony Cambridge I saw a really bad presentation and realised that all the writing and performance skills I’d learnt as a stand-up needed to put to good use: transforming everyone into confident speakers. Too many people have suffered watching boring speakers, delivering dreadful material. I decided things needed to change.

I set up my own coaching business, and after much hard work I have flourished, having found my place in the world. Lucky me, eh?

I relate to tech people – who are typically introverted – because I have had a similar experience. I connect because I have a ton of stand-up skills and… well, I like people. I really enjoy immediately getting them past the first simple barrier: their perception of their own communication skill level. It’s simple to get past that it and then build on that foundation.

I have a strong sense of honour: I like to be open, friendly and extremely punctual. I will never share anything even if I haven’t signed an NDA – the relationship with each client is my priority.

I like to take a selfie at the end of each group session. As you can see from my homepage, the delegates are usually pretty happy to be involved.

* I claim ‘introvert’ because – despite being able to do extravert things – I can only relax and recharge when I’m alone. I enjoy the attention of speaking in front of a group but I’d rather avoid it if possible. I have a wife and two children and I love being with them, but I must balance it with alone time.