How to look confident? That’s a tricky one.

There are so many things that you should do to help you look confident. But here’s a few simple tips.

I think preparation is the first thing, if you’re going into a situation where the result really matters. Like it’s a pitch or an interview, or maybe an important meeting. For goodness’ sake, do your preparation. Know what you’re going to be doing. Have a rough idea. Do your research. Know your subject. Know your audience. Those are the basics. Those should make you feel better, but then of course you can tell yourself, I’ve done the work. I think I’m ready for this.

The second part is simply, go with the flow. So Eisenhower said, ‘I’ve always found planning to be essential, but plans to be useless.’ Consider everything that might happen, have it in your mind, have some different options, but then on the day, for goodness sake, go with the flow, Let the events unfold as they should, and go with it. That’s how you show confidence. You smile, you own the situation, and you’re a human being.

And remember, apparent confidence is all you need. Looking confident will help your audience feel confident, and then you’ve got a lovely little feedback loop, where both of you feel happy. If you look confident, if you look happy, then that may even lead to people liking you. Which is fantastic, so whatever that scenario is, whatever the things were you talked about, if they walk away from it thinking: ‘I liked that person.’ Then you’ll have done really well.

So, to look confident: do your preparation, own the situation, go with the flow.

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