If your (or your company’s) presentations are getting a bit waffly, try this ruthlessly concise format.

This fantastic presentation format is called ‘PechaKucha’. Go to pechakucha.com and look it up. 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, and the slides advance automatically.

It’s brutal. It’s hard. But it is a discipline that will transform your presentations. It was devised by a group of architects in Japan who decided that all their architects were taking too long to talk about their projects. Sound familiar? Try it out. Try a PechaKucha format event at your company. Try it in the privacy of your own home. But just see if you can do that format.

It grants the audience a certain amount of power in that they know after this set amount of time, roughly six minutes and 40 seconds, that the presentation should end. It forces speakers and presenters to know their material, to know the duration of every section. But more than that, it creates a discipline for speaking.

So, I thoroughly recommend try a PechaKucha and see how it can give your presentations a little bit of zip.

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