The best communication isn’t formal, it’s natural and organic.

I think the best communication, whether it’s a talk, or a meeting, or a phone call, or a presentation, is natural and it’s more like a conversation. If you frame your communication as a conversation, then I think you create something that’s better for your audience because it’s just more natural. It’s more concise because you’re not using flowery, eloquent language, and also it’s interactive.

You take the stress off yourself, you create something that’s more accessible and relatable, and you create something that has a little bit of back and forth which is the best basis for communication because it shouldn’t always be one-way, should it? Perhaps we should also listen as well in our communication.

So, frame your next talk as a conversation and I think you will find that you will be delivering something that is more natural, more accessible, and which is open to the interaction which forms the foundation of the very best communication.

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