Authenticity really helps your communication.

+ Much more interesting for your audience.
+ Way easier for you.

It can be tough, trying to craft an engaging message for your presentation or social media. But I find that if I go with a spontaneous thought that happens when I’m NOT focusing on preparing for that particular piece, that’s when the good stuff happens; honest, incisive, funny ideas that resonate.

A lot of people tell me that this inspiration often happens when they’re in the shower or out for a walk (that’s the case for me, too). There’s something about that activity which frees the mind, enabling it to connect concepts differently, which feels easy and – I believe – is much more likely to connect with your audience.

So, free your mind: when you next have a shower or go for a walk, be receptive to the ideas that appear, and for goodness’ sake try to capture them! They might be that little bit of inspiration you need.

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