Marketing Your Company? Use Your People.

The best way to market your video games company is to get your teams to do the heavy lifting: film them talking about their work, interests, and story.

Your claim that your company is a fun workplace may be genuine, but some happy faces talking enthusiastically about the company will be way more effective (you knew that already).

‘But they’re introverts, Jon, they HATE speaking to a camera or in front of any group of people’.

I can help with that.

Let’s have a chat. Here’s a format that seems to work well:

1. I ask you about the situation and its specific challenges.
2. You tell me. I listen. Properly.
3. I tell you a bit about me, how I work and – if I think I can help – how I can help.
4. You ask me any questions or give me more info.

I’ll do my best to prevent my current obsession (whatever that may be – right now it’s the ‘Alien’ movies and their overlap with D&D character classes) getting in the way.

Show off your company’s greatest asset: its people.

Get in touch and let’s make it happen.

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