The Adventure of Supreme Confidence

On April 1st this year I gave a TEDx talk, which you can watch here.

I learnt quite a lot from it, such as:

  • Be ready for tech failures (see if you can spot what happens at 5:28 and how I react to it).
  • Rehearsal really, really helps. It means that when things wrong you are better equipped to deal with them.
  • You do not need immediate feedback for your talk or presentation to be a success.
  • Performance can remove the need for slides.
  • Good story-telling goes a long way.
  • Being in the moment can create a great connection with the audience¬†(see if you can spot what happens at 9:19 – you’ll probably need headphones).

Does my talk educate you? Inspire you to do something? Or is it simply entertainment?

I hope it’s all three.



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Jon Torrens

I use a method that simplifies the whole process of giving presentations and speaking; it makes you highly effective while also making everything easier to deliver. I am the Shinobi of the speaking world, eliminating boring presentations and allowing true influencers to shine.

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