My five-year-old son always beats me at the memory game ‘pairs’. There are two possible outcomes:

  1. He beats me by a pretty clear margin.
  2. He crushes me decisively.

In both cases, he verifies his win with painful slowness.

I’m an adult; I have experience, and I have systems in place. How does he beat me? Well, it’s simple, really:

He relies solely on instinct.

He doesn’t try to remember the positions of the cards, he just looks and chooses what feels right. He’s not stressed about remembering anything. And you know what? It works. It’s all the more infuriating because he’s not even aware of his brilliant, zen-like system.

By preparing correctly for your presentations and also getting as much experience as you can, you can become someone for whom no effort is required to remember the lines, because you don’t just remember the material, you know the material, and are at one with it. For you, presenting is a genuine joy.

Don’t think. Feel.