Here are 10 facts. Nothing More. Enjoy:

  1. Last night I saw Bill Bryson speaking at Ely Cathedral, launching his new book.
  2. There were approximately 1,000 people in the audience.
  3. He was a funny, engaging speaker.
  4. He had been asked for an accompanying slide presentation by the event organiser (the owner of the local bookshop).
  5. The technology required to advance the slides failed repeatedly.
  6. At first these failures were funny.
  7. They soon stopped being funny.
  8. Eventually Mr. Bryson abandoned the slides, the final slide remaining visible for the rest of the event.
  9. Overall he recovered, because it didn’t feel as if the problem was his fault.
  10. With content and skill as good as his, you don’t need additional media.*

*OK, that’s an opinion. But it feels like a fact.