In order to communicate effectively and expand your reach in this exciting world, you need to be curious. There are two different qualities which I think you need. They’re both ‘curious’:

Curious #1

Eager to learn or know; inquisitive.

I firmly believe that a child-like curiosity about how the world works is vital if you are to develop to your highest potential. I indulged my own fascination with people and the world by performing stand-up comedy, where spontaneous interaction without ego led to some very funny moments (you’ll have to take my word for that).

I apply this approach in my training and speaking to make the interaction come to life. Try removing all pretence and just ask the questions you would if you were a polite child.

Curious #2

Arousing speculation, interest, or attention through being inexplicable or highly unusual; odd; strange.

Being odd, different and unusual are usually the qualities you try your best to eliminate when you’re at school, because you don’t want to be singled out for ridicule. I love being different and surprising people, it’s my special power. Delivering the unexpected in your communication will keep people hooked because they’ll simply want to know what’s coming next. This needs to be an anticipation of something positive, obviously.


Be curious; you’ll interact effortlessly and become genuinely memorable. Which is not only a very good trick, but a lot of fun.

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