What does ‘professional’ really mean?

I see a lot of people who give talks and they’re boring. They’re flat, they’re two-dimensional, and why? Because they’ve switched into ‘professional’ mode, during which they feel that showing any kind of personality and any authenticity would go against that, it would spoil things, it wouldn’t be respectful.

That’s not how it works though. To be professional means, yes, to be respectful, but when you’re communicating, we want to see a bit of what you’re about. If you’re communicating through an online video platform, then you’re going to be at home, you can be slightly less formal. You’re not going to be wearing a suit at home so you can be relaxed, but still be professional.

So I want you to redefine your concept of ‘professional’. Redefine it as being respectful, efficient, but having a personality, being a human being and therefore being interesting and creating that interaction and connection with your audience. That’s what ‘professional’ should mean.

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