It’s unique. So it’s interesting.

I talk a lot about stories and how you should have stories in your communication.

But a couple of people have said to me: ‘But what if my story isn’t interesting?’ Here’s the thing: you believe that, because you are immersed in the middle of your story, you don’t have that perspective that someone else might have.

Everyone has an interesting story because everyone is unique. Your experience of: your relationship with your parents and your family, your education, the food, the culture that you were brought up in, all of that is unique, because it’s a unique combination.

However, those are also common elements for other people to relate to. So your story is unique and therefore interesting. You should share it as much as possible. Tell your story as much as you can and see what the questions are that people ask: ‘That must’ve been difficult.’ ‘How did you manage that?’ ‘Oh, I did that as well.’

That’s how you make your connection; by sharing your story and believing and understanding that it is truly unique and very interesting.

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