Fear is a monster. Fight it with your sword of confidence.

Your fear of public speaking is normal.

You are worried about speaking in front of those people because you care about the result and you cannot predict the result. Good. You’re a human being. You’re normal.

You might feel that fear is the opposite of confidence, that its very presence means that you are not going to do well as a speaker, that you’re not good at speaking to people. But I don’t believe that’s true. I believe that the presence of fear is vital for you to do your very best.

Use it, use its energy to drive you, and remember that the very best speakers get nervous before they speak. You can’t guarantee the outcome. There’s a certain amount riding on this situation. Therefore, you feel a bit nervous. That’s good. Accept its presence, work with it. The confidence you feel, which will balance out the fear, will come from: making sure you’ve prepared correctly, you’ve researched your audience, you know your subject, you’ve rehearsed.

But the fear will always be there. It’s necessary, get used to it. It will drive you to giving your very best performance.

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