Good versus evil

To give a really great presentation you need to have confidence.

Well, you see, confidence is what gives a speaker their power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds our communication together.

You need to write a piece that you’re proud of, that perhaps has a story and a clear structure. You need to rehearse the thing, feel the confidence flowing through you.

And you must also have a way to remember what it is that you’re going to say. Which reminds me, I have something here for you. Your father wanted you to have these when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn’t allow it. He feared you might follow old Obi-Jon on some damned fool, idealistic crusade like your father did. Your father’s cue cards. These are the weapon of a Jedi presenter, not as clumsy or random as a slide deck, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

For over a thousand years speakers have given great talks without technology or visuals, before the dark times, before the PowerPoint. You must learn the ways of confidence if you are to become a great speaker.

So, write your piece, make sure that you are familiar with its structure, rehearse it properly, and make sure you have a way to stay on target and not ramble.

If you do those things, then I believe that confidence will be with you, always.

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