I find that the key to feeling confident is to be present.

But what does being ‘present’ really mean? What are some good examples? Here are a couple from my experience:

+ When you’re speaking to someone as part of your job, have an informal introduction, talk to them about the here and now. This includes when you’re giving a presentation; notice what people are doing and respond to it. The purpose of the talk is to convey information, sure, but perhaps there’s a greater reason: to connect.

+ When outside, noticing the weather if it’s good (I like looking at the clouds), any wildlife, other people (smile, say hello) and feeling the sensation of the temperature and the physical effort you’re putting in. Even if it’s cold, it will be a contrast for the comfort of feeling warm and relaxed later.

In each case, it’s taking a moment or two (how long is a moment, anyway? 3 seconds?) to really take everything in.

As well as helping with any anxiety (Rick Hanson (https://lnkd.in/dQxbXtYX) has some very useful advice in this area), it can really help you creatively, as well. I like to leave the house with a problem in mind; by the time I return to the house, I usually have some kind of practical solution.

Take a moment. Be present.