Thorough Preparation

You’re scared of speaking in front of people because you might…

  • say something stupid
  • not be taken seriously
  • forget what to say

To prevent the doubt, make sure that you’re ready. That means:

  • reminding yourself that you know your subject. You were asked to speak about it because you’re an expert (or at least, you know more about it than anyone else there). And if you don’t know the subject, ask an expert to deliver the talk instead.
  • reminding yourself that the audience trusts your knowledge and experience.
  • putting together a solid list of cues (not a script, that path leads to pressure for you and boredom for your audience).

The best way to combat your speaking nerves is to ensure that you’ve prepared correctly. So consider your audience, write something relevant to them, collect your materials, and REHEARSE.

Always be prepared.

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