Help! I Have to Give a Presentation!

You have to give a presentation! It’s next week!

Oh, great.

The amount of stress created by this situation (having to give a presentation at short notice) can be pretty unpleasant, and that stress inhibits your ability to create and deliver the presentation. So it’s a double whammy.

You need quick content creation, and you need it now.

Here’s how to create the material for any talk as quickly and easily as possible:

  • Start talking. Imagine it’s the day itself and you’re giving the talk. Who are you? why are you there? Why does this subject matter? Talk for a few minutes and then write down the headings and important points in the form of keywords only.
  • Experiment with the structure. Do you need to start the way you’ve chosen? Try something unexpected to hook your audience, like getting straight into the subject before introducing yourself, or telling a story before giving the context.
  • Consider visuals. When the whole talk feels right, think about how slides may help (you may not need ’em!). By finalising the structure first, your slide creation will be a breeze, with zero wasted time. Clever, eh?
  • Keep talking. Rehearsal is your friend. Re-word it each time.

That’s it. A simple, quick process.

You’re welcome.

Get in touch if you’d like a practical demonstration.

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