How to Write a Presentation Quickly

If you want to write a great presentation as quickly as possible, use my old-school method – it keeps things really simple:

1. Step away from your laptop, PC or phone. This process is better without them.

2. Get some ideas down.
Handwrite them on separate pieces of paper. Identify the main sections (3-5 is good).

3. Experiment.
Mess about with the sequence until it feels right. Have fun with this. Edit ruthlessly.

Sorry for shouting, but this is the bit that will transform your process and help you create concise, inspiring material instead of something bloated and run-of-the-mill. Do a quick run-through, and then another, and then another. Use the process of speaking to inform your writing; when you actually say the words out loud, it can give you insights into the material and which words work best for you.

6. Build.
Populate each of the sections with material.

5. Edit.
Be ruthless. At this early stage you’ll find it easy.

If you think it needs more work, return to step 4.
When it flows, makes sense and feels satisfying, continue to step 7.

7. Get feedback.
Do a run-through in front of someone you trust and ask them to tell you what they think of it.

If they love it, you’re done.
If they suggest some changes you agree with, return to step 4.

Extra step: at any point in the process, just go outside for a walk (the longer the better). You don’t have to think about the material, but it will probably happen. Let the ideas bubble around for a bit.

[Image by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash]

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