Reducing Anxiety


The weather today is lovely, so I have my office window open, the breeze is cooling me down and settling my slightly anxious mind.

It’s anxious because today is unofficially the end of the holiday, and I need to get my bloody act together. Actually, my act is fairly together, but as a self-employed heroic adventurer on the quest for people upon which to bestow my unique wisdom, I’m never quite sure what the future holds, so there’s always a little ‘so what exactly IS happening in two months’ time?’-type anxiety, which is good. A healthy anxiety, if you will. The kids are back to school tomorrow, and I need to switch out of holiday mode.

So, with a photo of our lovely holiday in Croatia as my windows backdrop, and recalling our visit to Holme Beach yesterday (that’s it in the picture), I’m boldly posting and commenting on LinkedIn, and writing this sensational* blog post.

Here are some other things I’m going to do to calm my slightly anxious mind:

  • Go for a walk while listening to some weird soundscapes by Qaett. This is my ‘go to’ stress reducer.
  • Meditate for 15 minutes. Eyes closed, trying to think of as little as possible. Also a cracking way to allow my busy thoughts to settle.
  • Shave. Take a little pride in my appearance and focus on taking care of myself. Because I’m worth it.

* OK, it’s not exactly sensational, but I’m high on green tea, London Grammar and a lovely cool breeze.

My other tasks that will help are less frequent:

  • Make a plan of content to publish on social media.
  • Tweak my training cues.
  • Choose some networking events to attend in-person.

Right, let’s get to it!

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