These three are my favourite fictional creatives of all time. Doctor Who has a time machine, Willy Wonka has a chocolate factory, and Zaphod Beeblebrox has a spaceship that can travel anywhere instantly. All have a huge intellect. Essentially I think they’re so ridiculously happy and creative because they’re adults who can think like children.

They break rules, muck about and enjoy themselves. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Well, you for one. After all, it’s presentation time; you don’t want to look silly in front of your audience, do you? There’s a lot at stake here. But you see, that’s precisely why when you start preparing, you must think like a child, and then increase the maturity of your outlook as you start to crystallize the material and its delivery method. Like this:

  1. Child: utterly creative and unrestricted, considering all the concept’s possibilities.
  2. Adult: making everything logical and easily understood.

If you think like an adult through the whole process you’ll create something boring.

If you think like a child through the whole process you won’t get the thing finished.

However, if you think like a child in the first half of the process and as an adult in the second half, then you might just create something wonderful, on time.


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