How confident are you at speaking?

Are you a level 94 Presentation Ninja or a level 4 Powerpoint Peasant? Whatever your skill level, I can help you. There are two things to bear in mind:

  1. Your self-evaluation may be way off – you need a fresh perspective.
  2. There’s always room for improvement – regardless of ability.

So when it comes to communicating in important situations, whether you’re deeply uncomfortable or think you’ve pretty much got things nailed, I can help you achieve true speaking skill and confidence – an incredibly powerful combination.

I’ve learnt how to engage audiences with writing, delivery and improvisation. Simplicity is vital – I won’t use ten words when one will do, and I demonstrate EVERYTHING. Not sure about your writing skills? We’ll nail that. How to achieve confidence? Got it covered. Handling tricky questions? I’m on it.

I learnt these skills from doing years of stand up comedy, so I can teach you really effective techniques in a way that’s actually fun. My style provides the best learning environment for introverted, technical people who mistakenly assume that communicating effectively is something they’re simply not good at.

Challenge x choice – risk = game. I think it’s the best way to learn. I like to coach people using games that I design and create:

Presentation Elements Cards small      Training Cards website      Worksheet and Cards website

Here’s a Powerpoint on the method for all you visual thinkers:

Simple, really. Oh, and a lot of fun.

Learning that isn’t enjoyable just doesn’t stick. My sessions are like the best games: a series of fun challenges with social interaction and experimentation based around a simple structure.

The trick I pull off is to show that everyone can utilize their particular character and skill set to communicate in their own unique style while also thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a good trick.

I’ve put in the work; read my LinkedIn profile for more details.

Oh, and here I am in a video for Cambridge Assessment: