Original Training

By reducing fear and increasing confidence, I can help you develop a diverse group of confident speakers who can deliver engaging presentations and productive meetings.

I enable experts who might not normally have the confidence to speak, giving them the skills to present and talk internally with clients and at conferences, giving you a diverse group of successful company evangelists.

Whether your staff are introverts or extraverts, they’ll learn new skills, gain confidence that can contribute to their development.

All we need is six people, one day and a suitable room.

All these sessions are available for groups or as 1:1 sessions. Click on a subject to view a detailed one-page PDF:

One-day sessions are £2,520 for 6 people – please view the PDFs for the costs of the shorter sessions.  I do not currently** charge VAT.  

* only available as a one-day session

** eye on the prize, right? 

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