One-Hour Webinars

Need a bite-size online session? I’ll give your team (unlimited audience size) a load of great advice in an interactive way that is enjoyable and effective, and I’ll take questions to make sure I cover everything I can. Every talk is 45 minutes with a 15-minute Q&A.

Here are two of the subjects I speak about:

Presentation and Pitching Skills

In this session I will cover the vital elements for delivering a confident presentation or pitch, including how to do so online:

  • Writing: rich, concise material with a story that engages and persuades the audience. If you’re a great performer then you probably freestyle a bit on the day itself like all the other great performers I meet. You need to do yourself a favour and get your writing skills – and preparation in general – sorted. I’ll also give you top tips for elevating your Powerpoint into a simple, beautiful, way to back you up, instead of being the star of the show; that’s you. Speaking of which…
  • Delivery: the power of engaging with people and keeping their attention throughout, which can be a real challenge in an online session. Making brilliant slides won’t take attention away from you, and without an engaging delivery style you’ll miss that opportunity to persuade your audience that what you’re showing them is worth getting involved with. It may seem like sorcery, but great delivery comes from simple techniques that anyone – even you – can apply, every time, to reduce your stress and come across as relaxed and credible. 


Stories are at the heart of the best communication. Think of TED talks or any charismatic speaker you’ve seen; they carry us on short journeys through relevant, evocative memorable experiences that engage us on a primal level. They make your Tuesday morning PowerPoint look boring by comparison, don’t they?

Everybody – and every company – has an interesting story to tell (yes, even you – and yours); you just have to have to discover the story and have the courage to tell it. My stand-up experience taught me the fundamentals of storytelling: characters, drama and emotion. I’ll tell you what I see of your company from an outsider’s perspective, ask difficult questions and then give you the tools to create and deliver a simple, compelling story that everyone in your company can tell in any situation.

The End.

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