Don’t waste people’s time. get to the good stuff.

Something I’m a big fan of is conciseness. Nobody wants to read a huge long email or have a meeting that goes on for hours or sit through a presentation that goes on way longer than it should have. On the other hand, if you tell your audience, ‘we had this amount of time scheduled, however, I’m going to do it in less than half of that time.’ Hooray! Everyone’s happy.

Spending hours on an email that’s really long… isn’t a very good idea. People aren’t going to read it. They going to scan through it, or just, even worse, just ignore it completely. Keep things short, keep them concise, get to the point. Right at the beginning, address the whole point of the thing that you are doing. ‘This is the pitch for…’, ‘this meeting is about this’, ‘these are the things that we want to address’. High level. And then get into each one as much as you need to, no more.

Keep it short, keep it concise and do your audience a massive favour. They will love you for it.

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