Nick Fury: “Bring the carrier about to 180, headed south! Take us to the water.”
Pilot: “We’re flying blind! Navigation’s re-calibrating after the engine failure!”
Fury: “Is the sun coming up?”
Pilot: “Yes, sir.”
Fury: “Then put it on the left!”


The Best of the Best of the Best 

Experts master every tool and technique for their craft, putting in hundreds of hours of hard work. The best chef, programmer, martial artist, surfer, graphic designer, musician, soldier or stand up comic knows which tool or technique to use in a given situation and is always keen to learn more, to continue developing. The best presenter knows how to write fascinating material, how to create compelling slides and how to deliver it all in an inspiring way.


Zen There Was Silence

But – and it’s a but so big that Sir Mixalot would definitely like it – they never forget the basics. The first techniques they learnt are always relevant in case of the unexpected:

  • the chef knows how to improvise something delicious from simple, everyday ingredients.
  • the graphic designer can draft ideas with a pencil and paper.
  • the musician can play without amplification.
  • the soldier knows how to fight when unarmed.


Naked Presentation

The best presenter can communicate without slides – they know that the presentation is not pages of text and images; instead it’s an idea, a concept, a message. Despite all the clever stuff you can do with slides, the best medium for this message is you. Just like it’s always been.


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